Good Place library: Neil

In the Good Place series, Neil was the boss of the accounting department.

Neil is the application that solves three important roles in the life of a freelance programmer:

  1. Simplest CRM, which contains just Clients and Projects. With simple metadata. For Client abbreviation and note. For Project, it is just Client and name.
  2. Task organization tool in the CRM hierarchy. Tasks have three states:
    • active
    • completed
    • canceled
  3. TimeTracker assigned to the Tasks. You can start and stop work intervals, which are recorded. You can then export timesheets reports.

Interaction has two modes:

  1. CLI tool, which is easy to set up in dmenu like mode.
  2. Web interface which is sadly not finished at all, and awaiting big rewrite with freshly cooked (at the time of writing) Shawn and Chidi.
  3. The shiny new Web interface with Shawn, Chidi and Trevor.

The storage was moved from deprecated LevelDB wrapper to the Janet native solution by the Kamilah and Eleanor in-house libraries.

Of the remarkable thing about the CLI is that many of the prompts are parsing its input for set of commands starting with ! e.g. !cancel to cancel current work interval and some of them even with the time parameter e.g., !cut 15m to cut the last logged time by 15 minutes.

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