By pepe on 2021-04-24

The title of this post is about two events happening. The first is my forty-fifth birthday. The second is the launch of the Good Place organization to the public. I will not talk about the former, as it is personal and does not interest anyone. No, this post is about the second.


I am the kind of programmer who needs deadlines. Without them, I can spend countless hours just poking around in my code or playing my favorite game. So at the beginning of this years' spring, I set the deadline of release Good Place for my forty-fifth birthday. You have to understand, it is not that much about this website, but more about the code in the libraries Good Place contains.


As you may see on the full list of the packages, there are sixteen of them. Two of them are projects, all the other libraries.


There are two projects, created as part of the Good Place organization, they scratch two of itches of mine:

  • timetracking in Neil
  • displaying relevant information in Andy


Not one of them is large in the code lines count or the scope. On the contrary, I am trying to create libraries that solve a particular problem in the smallest possible code size with the most straightforward implementation. If the code is inevitably bigger, like HTTP, I strive for the modular design with the many parts compose kit.

Another goal I have for the libraries is the pure Janet implementation. This helps cross-platform usage and lowers the entry barrier for the new users. This sometimes can lead to worse performance, but it is a worthy trade in my eyes.


The libraries I would like to promote the most are those already listed on the main page of this website. I chose these three mostly because they are complete ones and a base for others.

What will hopefully follow is the series post named "Case for ... " where ... will be replaced by the name of the library or the project in these cases, I would like to show not only how to use the code but also the underlying technology and ideas.

But the naming?

I can understand that the naming of the organization and the Libraries after the TV series could be seen as an extraordinary thing. The first post will be about the reasons and practices connected to the naming. Stay tuned.

Who is there?

Through the pages and libraries' documents, I am mixing singular and plural pronouns. The truth is that I am now alone in this endeavor. For good and for bad. But as I am nearing the prototype phase, I wish I have some partners helping me. So if you like to code in the Janet and looking for a challenge, please contact me, and I will be more than happy to welcome you to the organization.

Pretty please.


All of this would not be possible without @bakpakin's relentless work on the Janet programming language, for and with all this is done. Thank you!

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