Good Place project


Welcome to a Good Place!

What is it?

The Good Place project is an attempt collection of libraries and programs for the Janet programming language. The project is in the exploration phase of the development, yet some parts are ready for usage, as could be seen on this webpage, which is constructed with the said libraries. I am using both of the programs on an everyday basis.

But the name?

The naming of the organization, all the packages, and many internal names in them is based or inspired by the Good Place TV series, where also Janet got her name. To Michael Shur: pretty please do not sue me, I am just a poor boy, and all of this is to your more tremendous honor.


  • Create a free and open collection of code in and for Janet programming language.
  • Use only Janet language, except for the highest quality libraries, from the Janet organization or some well-known authors.
  • do not harm.

What is included?

Here are some highlights.

Most complete libraries created as part of the Good Place:

  • Trolley - Simple general router
  • Shawn - Async programming kit
  • Chidi - Http building kit

Projects developed with libraries from the Good Place:

  • Neil - Tasks accounting with a twist
  • Andy - SwayBar helper

The full list is generated automatically with information from the project.janet of each package.

In the incubator are libs that have very unstable API.

We also have deprecated some codes.


We are planning to Blog the ideas and practical information related to the libraries and programs.

There is a sister page, where are initial Janet articles published.



  • @bakpakin for Janet and EJIFG.
  • @andrewchambers for the warm welcome in the community and countless helps.
  • @sogaiu for the patience with my crazydoings and all the pauses.
  • Michael Schur and team for creating the TV series.
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